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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Cricut Mini

I finally received my cricut mini the newest edition from cricut.  First let's talk mechanics I love how small it is I can just scoot it under my extra shelf base on my desk.  It hooks right up to your computer you must have the cricut craft room installed to operate it but, they are supposed to be able to use the gypsy machine as well.  I love the fact there is only two buttons one to to turn it on the other to load the mat.  You have to manipulate the rest through the craft room program (which you can download for free) or through your gypsy hand held.  My only complaint is the mats!!!!  They don't stick very well but they still cut well it's like mid stickiness but once it goes through the rollers it's fine.  I can put this machine in my rolling book bag with my other supplies.  I think if I would have saw this first I would have not gotten expression for the simple fact I am realizing now that I don't even truly use all that 12x12 paper.  The mat size on this one only measures 8.5x11.5 enough for me.  You can manipulate the images as you wish.  Once you have inserted your cartridges they automatically download into the program.  My son's school craft show is coming up now I can actually take this machine with me.  But I will say when I am working on a small project I use this one but when I am working on a multiple project that requires more than the  expression is your choice.  Happy scrapping. Here's a pic for you to see now I got a better bundle with HSN but cricut has finally decided to sell it....  

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Cricut Cartridge exclusive from Close To My Heart.

Psst, have you heard about the new cricut cartridge called "Philosphy" from Close to My Heart??? It is absolutely stunning.  As always over 700 images to cut plus this magnificent package deal comes with the cartridge 3 stamp sets and 3D chipboard elemental designs.  Click here to read more about it.